Adopted Chickens: Adjusting to new surroundings and a smaller coop

rooseter ruthie

6 Years
Aug 29, 2013
I recently adopted 4 six month old hens from my Aunt. Previously, they'd been able to free range all day on her farm with about 10 other hens. Now they are in our enclosed run and coop 24 hrs/day. They've also moved from a fairly quiet environment to a busier one in the backyard of a home in the city. 3 of the 4 seem to be okay with this, but one (Blanche) is continuously making a long one-pitched whine. I'm not sure if this is her regular behavior or if she's upset. Is there anything I can do? How long should it take her to adjust? I have heard some happy noises from all of them, and Blanche is definitely one of the friendler ones: always greets me at the door and loves treats. I don't want her to be miserable though, and I'm scared that's what her noises are indicating.
Some hens are just more chatty than others. One of mine always "talks" to me. And she makes all kinds of strange noises. If they look healthy and are active, theyre ok. They'll get used to the change :)
Thank you for the comment! Just want to be sure they're enjoying their life!
The run is 12'x6', with an elevated coop inside that's 5'x6'.
They haven't been let out of the space yet, as I want to make sure they recognize it as "home" - we plan to letting them roam around our yard in the afternoons within the next few weeks, but it won't be nearly as much time as they were getting at the farm.

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