Adopting Adult Pekin Drakes - I have questions!


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Nov 15, 2009
Hi there -

This weekend I am adopting two Pekin drakes that were abandoned at a local park. The Humane Society estimates they are about 1 1/2 years old - they've been waiting for adoption since early February. I've never had ducks before, so am trying to learn everything I can from the experts - YOU!

A couple questions:

Do ducks go into their house at night like chickens? I love the fact my hens (2 BR, 1 EE) put themselves to bed - will ducks do the same thing?
Can I feed the ducks the same layer crumbles I use for my hens?
Can I transport the ducks in two cardboard cat carriers - it will take me about an hour to drive home from the Humane Society.

I plan to lock the ducks in the chicken coop at night for now, and will switch them to a large dog crate next month (my son borrowed it for his new puppy) as I think the coop may be a bit cramped with three chickens and two ducks. I plan to let them free range with the chickens during the day. I have a fountain with a tin washtub at the base that will provide dipping water for them during the week, and I'll put a kiddie pool on the weekends when I have more time to spend with them.

Is there anything else I should be prepared for?



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Aug 28, 2008
New England.. the cold part.
They will be fine in the cardboard boxes, though you may want to instead use a large tupperware with a ventilated lid. my ducks are experts at pooping out of holes in the sides of things.. and the poop is NOT like a chicken's poop, it's like sludgy coffee, and doesn't smell nearly as good. If you put them in the chicken coop, the chickens will poop on the ducks... which is kind of a bummer, in fact, I'd suggest keeping the ducks separated for a while, since they might become either targets or aggressors, and I'd want to keep an eye on interactions for a while before trusting them overnight. My ducks put themselves to bed. My ducks eat layer pellets, but they also lay eggs.. I don't know if the extra calcium would hurt drakes... i doubt it. They LOVE green peas in their water. I pour a cup or 2 of frozen peas (I have 7 ducks) in the water bucket, which then thaw while I let the chickens out and feed everyone, then I pour the duck water, and they go INSANE. Good luck!! Ducks rock.

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