Adorable baby runners! And questions..

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by BonitaApplebum, Nov 20, 2015.

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    Sep 27, 2015
    Our Indian runner hen decided to become broody while we were on vacation. We came home to find her sitting on 15 eggs. Yesterday I went to check on her (her nest is inside a house my husband built for them), and I found a tiny, wet, cold duckling, who had apparently been ejected from the nest. Our drake was in the duck house too, and I wouldn't have let him spend the night there if I had known they were pipping...I think he was the culprit. Fortunately we were able to save the baby, and I took the next one that hatched so they could snuggle together. I could probably reintroduce them to mom, but I luurrrvve them. New babies keep hatching, I'm not sure how many we have now because she's keeping them nice and safe under her wings. But it's about to get really cold the 20's overnight this weekend. I know she can keep them warm with her body, but don't they need to come out to eat and drink sometimes? I have a heat bulb in a fixture inside the duck house, but it's not warm enough for babies. Should I leave them be, or maybe try to move everyone someplace warmer?[​IMG]
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    They are adorable, but I am afraid if all 13 left hatch you are going to lose some if they wander out from under her she isn't going to go get them. And ducklings just don't act like chicks and get right back under mama plus she may not be able to keep them all warm. When my Muscovy had ducklings and the temps dropped into the 30's for a couple of nights I put them into a large you'd need Xlarge dog crate and brought them inside where they were all kept in a coolish room but no near as cold as outside. This is not a good time of year to be hatching ducklings out side so your going to have to help mama. If you can set up an area where she can have a heat lamp and you can let them stay there that would be ideal if your temps are going to stay that cold they are going to need extra heat.
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    I would agree to helping Mama supplement heat. If its going to get that cold, the ducklings will do as ducklings do and wander. Mama duck will only keep warm what is under her at that moment. Unlike chicks, ducklings don't tend to run immediately back to Ma to get warm. They rely on each other. Thick straw and hay will help. Just keep in mind thirteen ducklings will make a mess of that in a hurry.

    If you can keep them dry, they should be okay. Just add supplement heat. Lots of straw and hay to bed in. Happy ducks.

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