Adorable Day(s) Old Chick


5 Years
Dec 28, 2017
West, TX
I was at a local feed store today and almost bought these chicks because they were just TOO adorable!:love Unfortunately someone beat me to it. :hit

But I was wondering if ya'll could help me find out what breed they are, so maybe I can get some from a local(ish) hatchery? They were in the assorted bantam box.

Unfortunately as I was looking at them someone walked up with an attendant to take them, so I didn’t catch a good glimpse of the comb. (I was too busy trying to chase the bugger for a picture. :gig)
And it definitely was a bantam! It was in the bantam bin and the same size as the others.
Super cute... bugging me that I don't know what they are..

after some looking I found Golden Campine and Sicilian Buttercup.

Both of those are small standard breeds (not bantams) but they were the only breeds that I found that had speckled chicks. :confused:

I however just could not find a good complete list. The best that I found was on the Meyer Hatchery website, and they don't carry many bantams.

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