adorable! Rope halter ornaments! a must have for every horse lover!!!

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    Rigby, Idaho
    have a friend or someone in your family that is a horse lover but seems to have everything ?? its a pain to drive around looking for that unique gift.
    or maybe you are looking to class up your holiday tree or decor?
    we have the answer! a gift that every horse lover will adore for years to come! 100% made in the USA, tiny 3 inch long rope halter ornaments! they come in 5 colors: red, green, blue, silver and gold! each tiny halter is a replica of a regular size halter! we put a little bell on each halter.
    get a set of 12 ornaments complete with hooks and bells to hang on your tree. add one or 2 to a holiday wreath!

    we are also making 'Cowboys First Christmas 2011' or 'Cowgirls First Christmas 2011' ornaments.these ornaments are sure to thrill every new parent that is a horse lover on your list! be some of the first to have these adorable ornaments! you wont find them anywhere else!(pictured below!)

    the couples ornament is 2 halters that are attached together with the quote 'grow old with me the best is yet to be ' accross the nose band!(pictured below!)

    each halter has a bell on it! so cute! a ornament that will be cherished for years to come!you can also customize your keepsake ornaments by putting a pet or loved ones name on the nose band!!
    we also make Rope halters for your horses. any size from miniature on up to Draft!
    many colors to choose from and always getting new colors in!

    *SALE*purchase a set of 12 ornaments get your choice of keepsake ornament for FREE! From now till the 15th of december ONLY!
    A set of 12 rope halter ornaments 20$ with shipping anywhere in the USA or Canada 6$
    individual ornaments 3$ each. shipping is 2$ per halter ornament

    Paypal prefered although other options are available (EX, money orders and checks, cash)
    our fan page!

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    Love them! If I wasn't short on funds I would def be jumping on this [​IMG]
  3. eggcited2

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    Jul 8, 2010
    Oh gosh, I would love to get some for a friend and her daughter. But their colors aren't ones you have. Would it be possible to get a set that would have six of them purple and six lime green? I didn't know if you were able to do other colors.

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