Adoreable crossbreed chicks!

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    Apr 6, 2011
    We have adoreable spring chicks ready for pick up! They were bred from my chickens and are very healthy. We have crossbreeds and a couple pure breeds such as: splash cochin, silkie (white and black; only one white left.) Our cross breeds for standards are definitly part cochin + etheir buff orpington, new hampshire, cochin, wyanndotte, or black sex link. Bantams etheir white silkie or black amerucana for rooster + etheir dominique, cochin (frizzle or mottled), silkie, and amerucana. Predicted that some will lay green eggs! These breeds will be pretty good layers! They were vaccinated for coccidosis.
    We have some chicks that are 1 and a half months now- they will be $12 each.
    We have some 1 months- $10 each.
    Two weeks- $8 each.
    A couple days old- $6 each.
    We have 40 chicks for you to choose from and we promise you'll love them! So come pick up your chicks today! Send me an email (with your offer, depending on what age chick you want) and we can set a time for you to come out and check them out. We are trying to thin out our chick supply (60 at the time). My dad said if we can thin out our flock, I can get a goat with the money I raise! Thank you so much for your time!
    ~Jen's Hens.
    (SORRY! Marans are not for sale!)
    Visit our website: to see picture of our chicks and chickens![​IMG][​IMG]

    We are located in Lake Villa, IL. LOCAL PICK UP ONLY. Will drop off at surrounding cities.

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