Adult Coturnix Quail with possible wry neck??

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    Apr 6, 2015
    Hi all! I have a sick quail on my hands. She was all fluffed up like she was cold yesterday but was otherwise acting fine and alert. Today I found her with her head turned back like she was sleeping. When she turned around to look at me, her head and neck were flopping all over, side to side. Does anyone know what could be wrong? Treatment? And if she's contagious? I have her in with 2 other quail. She has no injuries or wounds of any sort. Someone said it might be wry neck, if it is, I do have some NutriDrench I can use but not sure if that's the right stuff or not. Any help is appreciated!
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    I know a little more about chickens, but it could be wry neck. In chickens they can sometimes have weird neck movements involving adjusting the crop. I would give the Nutri-drench per the directions on the label--1 ml per every 3 pounds of weight given orally every day, plus offer a lot of water to drink. Wry neck can also be a sign of a head injury or an infectious disease. Here is some info about wry neck (crook neck, torticolis:)

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