Adult ducks and heat lamps

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    I live in Washington State and I was wondering when (if ever) I should use a heat lamp for my two adult ducks? I am having trouble finding anything, but I know ducks are WAY more cold hardy than chickens. Anyone have experience in northern states? I am thinking maybe only when it is in the teens or lower?
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    Apr 4, 2011
    Simple answer....never,

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    My experience is that a number of my runners were not as cold hardy as the books say. How did I know that?

    Feathers fluffed out constantly
    Necks retracted constantly
    Walking stiff-legged
    Stopped laying
    Lost weight
    Lost feather condition

    Rather than go by the book, I moved their night shelter into a space that stayed above 40F. Within days, laying increased, body condition started to improve, body language indicated they were far less stressed.

    Heat lamps are something I considered, but I was concerned about fire risk. All that flammable bedding, and no way for me to be quickly alerted if anything went wrong.

    So if you want a heat source, be very careful about it.

    I was able to find a solution right under my nose, as it were.
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    I do offer a heat lamp (sorry Clint) in very extreme weather, like temps below 10'F with windchills and only because in both my ducks' indoor (super secure shelter -barn ) and the outdoor (rather flimsy -kids playhouse) shelters are coooolllldddd and do not have the best insulation. Bottom line is my ducks absolutely always have the option of getting away from the heat light. It works well here.
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    Thanks for the advice, everyone!

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