Adult female Duck with foggy/blind eye--HELP PLEASE


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Jun 21, 2021
Would appreciate any advice on this issue...thank you in advance!

We have 5 buff ducks and just rescued a lone khaki campbell female. She came to us in decent condition but over the past 2 weeks has developed an injured eye. See photos attached. The eyeball is foggy, and the lower lid when it comes up to close the eye sticks out and is red and puffy. Her demeanor has changed...her energy levels have decreased. She doesn't dunk her head in water, just drinks. She is eating. We washed the eye with saline and I put VetRx on it today. I plan to take her to our vet but I feel this community will likely know immediately what this is. Thank you thank you! Lauren


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Jul 19, 2016
Discontinue application of VetRX on the eye. If you recently applied it to the eye, give the eye another copious flush with warm saline. Trauma in the eye can be common with ducks and can lead to traumatic cataracts, or anterior lens luxation.

Regardless of the cause, it would be best evaluated/treated by your vet. Flushing the eye every so often with saline would be my main suggestion until you can get her to a vet. Application of a product known as Terramycin may help control swelling, and any bacterial overabundance. Sight may be lost in the eye, but it should not severely impair the bird from living a normal life.

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