Adult hen - wet backside

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    My 2+ year old speckled sussex hen just started showing a wet vent. She is the last of the SS. Bobcat took all the rest. We now have RIR. 2 roosters. 6 hens.
    She will prostrate for the dominate rooster. He has bred her many times, several weeks now. So, this is new. Maybe 3 days ago, she started showing a poo trail down her feathers.
    Today, ( saturday) she is wet, all the way down. There is no prolapse. I see nothing wrong. She is just covered with poo on her backside. As far as I can tell, she is laying daily.
    Light brown as opposed to darker brown eggs for the RIR.

    Is there anything you can offer for a solution? They have no mites, no bugs. They are clean chix.
    I am going to wash her, spray her with Adams Flea Off - so there will be no maggot devolpment, and seperate her from the group. She doesn't care, these red kids are a perturbation to her.

    I have a vet that I can take her to Monday. I am just asking for your expierence. If you have a clue. HELP.
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    Nov 12, 2009
    Actually it sounds like youre doing everything right. just keep her clean and isolated until the vet can see her, and good luck.

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