adult male runner with weak legs


13 Years
Oct 16, 2007
Chelsea, MI
my runner male is 3 years old and has suddenly had problems with his legs. i forgot about giving them
niacin (!) and don't remember dosage(s). can anyone help me with treating him?

we also have 2 ducklings hatched
the end of july. seem to be doing o.k.


Overrun with Runners
11 Years
Jan 3, 2010
Southern New England
NIacin is 100 to 150 mg per gallon of water. I think of that as a duckling problem. I wonder what got into your drake?

Can you feel his legs, see if they seem unusually warm? Give him some time in a lukewarm tub. He may have an infection. Are there swollen spots on the bottoms of his feet?

I would put some Epsom salts compresses on his legs, or put Epsom salt water in a very small bucket or pan and hold him while he stands in it for as long as I could manage - five minutes at least.

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