Adult Muscovy Male for Sale or Trade (CLOSED)

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  1. RavenStorm

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    Jun 1, 2008
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    I’d really like to re-home this adult male Muscovy with someone who will use him for breeding instead of eating. The only reason I want to sell him is because I need a new male for my breeding pool.

    I am located in Los Angeles County and will not ship him. I am willing to travel somewhat to facilitate the sale. Please message me before making a formal bid/offer to make sure the trip would be worth it for both of us. I am selling him for $30 or I am willing to trade with another duck(s). Any color, any age as long as it’s under 3 years old; I would prefer another male but I would also accept two juveniles of either gender or 4 ducklings.
    He was born back in May 2010. Light blue eyes. Pied white and black with the black feathers displaying brilliant teal/green iridescence. Roughly 15 pounds.

    He is a great breeder and has sired many batches of healthy ducklings. He is protective of his females, but he does not harass/abuse them. He should not be kept in the same pen with any other males. The best part about him is that even though is that he has never once been aggressive towards people. He will cautiously eat out of a human’s hand, but other than that he is a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to people.
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    Apr 23, 2007
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    I hatch out two female Muscovy ducks about a tear ago and have been looking for a male. I live in La Mirada and if you still have him for sale I would love to get him from you Thank you Dennis

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