Adult "pasty butt" from bent tail

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    Dec 16, 2016
    Hello!! I'm a newbie chicken momma in search of advice on how to care for a 7mo old buff Orpington hen. Her tail feather have always curved downward. At first this didn't seem to be an issue and we figured it was some sort of deformation. Eventually though we noticed she was having problems expelling waste "cleanly". Basically her droppings were being trapped under the curve of her tail feathers and then sticking to her down feathers underneath. Surprisingly she was the first one to start to lay and is still the most productive. In warmer months I could go out with a warm washcloth and clean her up and sometimes trim her down feathers. Now that winter is upon us I'm not sure of the safest way to keep her clean and healthy without risking her warmth in these bitterly cold days/nights. I'd be happy to bring her inside for a full bath/ blow dry spa treatment - but could that do more damage once I release her back out into the cold? What is the best way to clean a hen w/o cutting down feathers? And what - if any- long term solutions may be available? I'd greatly appreciate anyone's ideas and feedback!!! Thank you!!!
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    I also have a few hens who lack the "squirt power" to clear their butt feathers, requiring me to occasionally clean them.

    I use a small dish pan filled with warm water. I back the chicken up to the basin and proceed to splash water onto the crusty buildup. When it loosens, I pull off the worst of the poop, then splash some more water to remove the rest.

    Then I pat dry with a dry washcloth. Chickens love to be blow-dried, so I recommend that before returning them to the freezing cold. I do this operation in my garage which is cooler than my house at this time of year. Doing it outdoors is just too unpleasant in the freezing cold and wind. As long as the chicken is mostly dry when you return them to the run, they'll be fine.
  3. Trim the feathers around her Butt.....almost like a path down so the poop can not stick......

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    Jul 19, 2016
    This happened to my chicken yesterday day it turned into ice i just trimmed the stuff off with scissors.
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