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8 Years
Apr 9, 2011
Meridian, ID
Hi Everyone! I'm needing some help or advice or whatever can be given on this subject. The girls always seem to have a bad case of pasty butt. It isn't to the point to where it is blocking them from doing their daily duties, but it get's all over the eggs when laying and is just plain yucky. If it were warm weather time, I'd bring them in the house and wash them and put them back outside to dry, but it's to cold to do that to them now, and keeping them indoors until they dry isn't an option....I could put them in a large tote or something, but they'd just poop in it and make a mess again. So are some breads more prone to having pasty butt or is it something we are feeding them that is causing this? They free range and also have 24/7 access to layer pellets, and on top of this we have some pumpkins we have saved from this fall and have been cutting them open and letting them eat the insides of them. The only thing I can think it would be is the moisture from the pumpkins? I dunno, but I am tired of poopy eggs and I don't find poop in the nesting boxes themselves so it must be coming from their tushies! TIA!
Pasty butt like little chicks who cant poo or just poopy butts?
In that thread started currently, one of the first useful posts is about coop humidity and pasty butt. Check it out
Technically, that is not pasty butt. Pasty butt is where the vent is actually blocked and the chick cannot poop. You mean where the poop sticks to the butt fluff? Some of mine have what I call "velcro-fluff" and some don't. No idea why some are prone to it and some are not. Some individuals even end up with "poop rocks" stuck and we end up either ripping out the "rocks" with feathers attached or cutting off some fluff so there is less for the poop to stick to. Doesn't seem to really be breed specific. There are different types of poop and if some is runny, it may stick and keep sticking and form a clump.
Thanks for the replies! I wasn't sure what to call it or how to describe it, but I guess poopy fluff or a poopy butt pretty much sums it all up. I'll check out the other thread!
You might try giving them a little trim, with scissors. It takes two people to do this easily. Some people say they pluck the feathers around the vent, to aid in breeding, or perhaps if poopy butt is an issue. I would think that would hurt, but I don't know.
2 out of the 5 Buff Orpington hens I have developed "poopy butts" last month. I then remembered that I had not added the 1 tablespoon of Braggs ACV per gallon of drinking water since last September. Within a week after I started using the ACV again their little feathered butts became clear of any poop. I am not a real fan of home remedies such as many of the miracles attributed to DE, but this stuff really does seem to work.
my one Buff Orpington has an extremely fluufy butt area and gets dirty. Just gave her a butt bath today and used the blow dryer to dry her before she went back outside. I think she enjoyed it. Kids had fun too!
Me too. I have 3 and one of them has the runny butt. It looks nasty but she lays a clean eggs. But I didn have have her sit on another one while she was laying. That one had to be cleaned.

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