Adult Pekin HELP


May 17, 2015
I have 6 adult Pekin Ducks.they are about 2 years old. a few days ago my males had a nice obvious drake feather. Now none of my pekins have a drake feather I know they didn't change into female ducks but I need to know which ones are males and which ones are females. Please help!!
@84ducks - most of what I read indicates that "voice sexing" is relatively simple and accurate. Females have a distinct "quack" while males are described as being quieter, having a raspy voice. I read something that said drakes emit something that sounds like a cross between a quack and a croak (from a frog). Do your ducks vocalize much?
My Vier - definitely a female - developed a drake feather. I would go with voice. Majestic Waterfowl has a recording of drake and duck voices you can use as a guide.

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