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Jul 24, 2021
Long story short, we "inherited" ducks from the neighbor who was not taking care of them. From what I know, they were only fed cracked corn when they were ducklings. 2/8 have leg issues which I gather is from lack of niacin. I am currently feeding them Purina duck feed.

Paul has always been pigeon toed but the past few weeks, he seems to have become worse. He sometimes points his butt down which is new. He also can be seen sitting on his feathers. His walk has changed as it seems he is using his neck to help him walk. Otherwise, he is still a happy boy in good spirits. Is there anything I can do to help him? I recently bought electrolytes with vitamins to put in his water.


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Looks like he is over compensating in his walk which may have his hip hurting. and out of alignment. If you can get to TSC and pick up liquid B complex it may help him. I say may because if this has been going on for a while he may not ever be 100% but definitely worth getting him on it and giving it a try. And when they are so handsome like Paul it's def worth trying. he deserves every chance. Here is some great info on niacin deficiency and what can help him and your other duck with this problem
Since you just have 2 having issues you can put the liquid b over a tasty treat like mealworms or chopped tomatoes and for the others put it in their water. I did a tablespoon to a quart of water. Paul and the other duck can also drink this but to make sure Paul and his buddy are getting a full dose I'd treat them separately from the others.
They can't get over dosed on the liquid B complex they will pee out what their body doesn't need.

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