Advice about poop noises, please.


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Jul 23, 2016
Suffolk, UK

Odd subject, but I'm new to this, and I couldn't find a thread on here that answered my query.

I have 9 point of lay hybrids. I added 6 to the original 3 a week ago, and other than two newbies being bottom of the pecking order, there's been no nastiness other than pecks. No bloodshed or sustained bullying.

My concern is, recently all my hens make a noise when they defecate. The stools seem to be quite solid in the coop, but throughout the day are loose, and always make an audible squelchy 'splat' sound. Not when it lands, but as it is passed. I apologise for being graphic.

Is this something to worry about?

It's at its hottest in the UK, up to 30 C, (86 F), which may be the problem...? I increase shading on their roofed run at midday. I also ice their water, and they have a fully enclosed section of the run to retreat into.

Thanks so much in advance. This site is proving marvellous for all my rookie worries :)


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If they have increased their water consumption, this may have caused the situation. As long as there is no blood or bright green feces, I would suggest just monitoring their behavior.


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Jul 23, 2016
Suffolk, UK
Oh, thank goodness!

No. No blood or green colouring.

One hen is very listless and seems to have lost weight, but is still eating. Am I right in thinking that still eating is a good sign, like in cats? (All I'm used to, I'm sorry!)

She laid her first egg, yesterday, which had no shell whatsoever. Might this have something to do with her being off-colour?

I apologise for bombarding you with questions. But you're the only person to have answered me, and I have no friends or family who know about hens.

I'm incredibly grateful for your answer; it means a lot when you're alone with children and no-one else to ask.


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Pullets new to laying often lay eggs as you describe- it can take a while for them to sort out their plumbing and nothing to worry about. It might be an idea to offer optional oyster shell if you are not yet feeding layers feed.

Heat can cause listlessness. You can search for "keeping your flock cool in summer" for additional ideas, but don't worry too much - you're in the UK so it won't last long

Try searching "uk members, say hi" and join in the thread - it may help you out and you'll get to meet members nearby.


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