advice about possibly broody hen?

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    Jul 2, 2008
    Hi all! (great forum, I've been lurking around for a while, and learning a lot! also learning that there are an awful lot of knowledgeable chicken people here who might offer advice to a relatively new chicken mom. [​IMG] )

    One of my partridge rock hens seems to be acting broody? but I'm not totally sure- over the last couple of days, she has not come out of her coop. (She and one other hen and the partridge rock roo that we have are in a small coop that is out in the paddock with the horse and goat- the fence is woven wire, so they can't get out, and are well protected from any other animals around) The other hen and the rooster are out and about in the paddock the past few days, but when I've gone to check on her, she's generally been sitting up in one of the nest boxes. Her comb is a little pale, and I don't *think* she's laying. She gets a little skwaky (sp?[​IMG]) when I go in there, and I moved her a little to see if she was sitting on any eggs, but she wasn't. She made some clucky noises with her beak and jumped back up there and sat down when I checked on her this morning.

    she's almost a year old, and this is my first flock. i love my chookies. [​IMG]

    I'd love for her to be broody, actually, we've got some eggs that should be okay- at least willing to try! [​IMG]

    But what I thought I'd do is build a wooden box for her and put it on the floor (hatching chickies in the nest box doesn't seem like a good idea to me!) and see if she'll go down there? Should I move the other hen and the roo out of there? I don't want her to be lonely!

    thanks so much!!
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    May 15, 2008
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    I know i would try to give her some eggs!!!! But i kinda have that problem.....thats why i have over a hundred!

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