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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by emvickrey, May 11, 2009.

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    Mar 5, 2009
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    My roos are getting their spurs. When I noticed them it looked like they where growing toes from their legs. Then I was told it was spurs. Can these be removed? They now look like a huge claw and looks to be very dangerous to the poor girls they are always getting piggy back rides from. What can I do to eliminate the possibility of the roos hurting the girls, us or one of our dogs with these spurs? Our dogs don't bother them at all and we just finished a covered run today so there is no need for the roo to have them for protection.

    How are we suppose to catch them by their legs if they have these long daggars coming out the side of their legs. Can't catch them by the sides like I do the girls because they can use those claws to cut me. I have to be able to handle them if they get sick or injured.

    I really want those things gone but dont' want to hurt them to do it. What should I do?
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    The spurs can be removed, clipped like toenails I have been told. You can research the topic on here and probably find the answers you are seeking. I wish I could help you more. Maybe someone else will have better information than me. Good luck!
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    My Roo is about a year old and still has his full spurs. My chickens free range during the day and I feel he needs those to protect his girls. When I need to catch him for some reason I just wait until the evening when he is roosting. I pick him up by the sides, hold him close with one arm and grab his feet with the other - just in case he gets snarky (he usually doesn't he's a good boy). There are poultry hooks too that help you grab them. Hope this helped a little bit.

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