Advice duck egg day 27


Aug 31, 2017
Upstate SC
So I have a single viable duck egg and am completely new so I was curious if the experts of byc could offer some insight. First off it is definitely dark in there and there has certainly been developments but I'm not sure if it's enough? The air sac seems too small despite having low humidity as the ducks head/beak isn't even close to it. The head/beak itself looks underdeveloped, it's open and looks more like a chicken beak than a duck bill. Also I have never noticed movement the entire time despite the embryo growing. When I look at it via candling the only "movement" is a sort of swishing from what I imagine is part of the yolk. Lastly, this may be considered more so day 26 as I set it at night on February 10. Thank you in advance

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