Advice for a new chicken Mama?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by paynemom, Jan 30, 2008.

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    Jan 29, 2008
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    I just bought four 20-day old chicks, 1 white leghorn and three Buff Orps. We are keeping them in a brooder for now, but since we live in AZ, is it warm enough for them to be outside? It is about 55-60 during the day and 35-40 at night. What about the summer? Will they adapt to the heat? Will these two breeds live harmoniously if they are the same age? I am so excited to start this and my 4 little kids are too. Any advice you could give me as a new mama?
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    Check out this link. It explains what to do for their first 60 days.

    Hope this helps!

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    Jan 3, 2008
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    Well it is 35 here in Ga. today and my chics are outside however in the early evening they come into the hen house to stay a little warmer. I do not heat it or anything but they are out of the wind and the rain .
  4. Hello paynemom,

    I would say no it isnt. I live in SouthCarolina and at nights it's 35-40 and days 50-65 and when I hatch day old chicks in the winter I keep them inside for one week and then move them to outside with a light for heat during cold days and always at nights.

    Summer hatches I keep them inside for one week, then move them outside with only a little or no light at all at night. It's 80 during the nights here in the summer so they are fine.

    Keep them in the brooder for a while and then move them outside but with a light, I dont reccomend you putting them on the ground at such a young age,

    See what other members have to say on this part of the topic also, lots of great members here! [​IMG]

    They should be fine together and the only time you should ever be awared is if when they get older about the roo's , they seem to want to fight sometimes.

    They should be fine in the heat of the summer, make sure they have plenty of water! [​IMG]

    Predetors, I dont know what kind there are in Arizona but thats what you have to look out for when you move them outside, this is another reason not to put them on the ground in the start. Make sure the pen or cage you keep them in is "proofed" no holes where snakes, rats etc. can "slip" through.

    Chickens are a true joy, and I hope the best for you.

    Keep us updated [​IMG]

    ~LowCountry Poultry
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    I won't repeat all the chick care stuff because Dawn419's link should tell you everything.

    Heat can take a lot out of hens (including reduction in egg-laying), and I imagine it is beastly hot there in AZ in the summer! To help them stay comfy, they should have some sort of shade from the sun, a never-ending supply of water (don't let them run out!), and a nice place to dig and take a dustbath.

    When raised together, birds of the same age but of different breeds will get along just fine. Once the pecking order is established, it pretty much stays the same unless new birds move in or someone gets sick.

    Did you get all females? If you have more than one roo in a flock that small you will have fighting.

    Have fun with your new hobby!

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