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  1. baglady456

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    Apr 29, 2009
    I am new at raising chickens. I have 3- 6 month old hens. We have built a raised hen house with an attached chicken run that is 5x8. The hens have the rub of the yard twice a day to forage as well. We have very sandy soil here on the Central Coast of California and I have not added anything to the bottom of the run. It is very dry here and I have redirected the sprinklers away from the run. The soil is very sandy and dry but after reading other posts I am wondering if I need to put something down? The hens dig holes and refill them all day long, constantly burying their poop. It is rare to see any standing poop in the run. I have never wormed my chickens either. Am I doing this right or wrong?[​IMG] Thanks!
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    Quote:Nope, whatcha got is just fine [​IMG]

    I have never wormed my chickens either.

    Most people on BYC do not worm unless there are actual *signs* of worms; a few worm annually during a period when they can afford to sacrifice the eggs.

    What you're doing sounds fine to me [​IMG] Good luck, have fun,

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    I have a coop and a 10x10 run with sand I had put in flock will dust bathe in the run....dig holes to lay in and even go under the coop that I made up high for that reason and sleep and dig holes and lay to cool off...this is normal...once a day I go in and Hoe it to soft and sift the dirt, they love it so much they follow me around when I Hoe, that Im afraid Im gonna pop one on the head!!! Its crazy, I can change positions and they rush to the other side. The love digging up once I do this for treasures.

    Then every 2-3 days I put a mister on the run, and chickens,...I live in Texas and it gets hot....they love being out in the mister, and doing the moon walk on the run...once its wet, I again get the Hoe to soften up the sand for them and then the sand is now cool and they go crazy.
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    If you want a worm preventative that allows you to continue to eat the eggs, Verm-X is one that I use. It's all natural but it is a preventative, and will not de-worm a bird that already has an infestation. It's always a good idea to keep an eye on your chickens droppings as it may be the first clue you have a worm problem.
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    Apr 29, 2009
    Thanks everyone for all of your advice. Sometimes I wonder if I'll ever know enough. Thanks again!
  6. kathyinmo

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    Sounds like what you have is perfect! Dry is good!

    About worming, on the other hand, from hanging out in the "Emergencies," section, I see it is recommended to worm twice a year. All the instructions on that are available.
  7. 2txmedics

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    Verm-X can be given, even if they DO NOT have prevent, is that correct? Im assuming a feed store sells it???

    and what age can you start it???


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