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    Oct 20, 2008
    I have chickens in florida, and I found while researching coop designs very little advice about having chickens in very warm climates, so I wanted to share some thoughts for small flocks:

    The coop is 3 ft by 3 ft and only stands about 5 ft tall (so its really small). We made the bottom of the coop stand a foot off the ground on large, sturdy stilts. We then created the bottom of the coop out of old broom handles about 1 inch apart. This allows the hens to perch on the floor, but allows air flow. A few inches below the floor rungs is chicken wire, to prevent predators from sneaking up into the coop (if they could get in between the rungs). The other advantage to this floor design, besides keeping the coop cool, is that it allows all the poop to fall through into the mulch below the coop - easy clean-up, I just rake out the mulch every few months. We have a nesting box in one corner that has a solid floor.

    We also have the roof raised on a slant, so that the tallest part has the rafters open to the outside but covered in high gage chicken wire. The breeze can blow through the rafters, but the rain and predators stay out. We also have windows in the front and back, covered with the same high gage wire, again to allow a breeze to come through.

    In the winter, I just cover the windows and the opening under the roof with blue insulation foam that I cut to size. I also put a thick layer of hay on the floor, which sits on top of the rungs. This seems to keep any cool drafts out in the winter.

    Just some thoughts on keeping chickens in areas that don't freeze, but get hot and humid for most of the year.
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    Sounds good to me. Granted I'm no where as warm as florida!

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