Advice for my cousin on her cat.

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    As usual I have been un-willingly volunteered to help someone [​IMG]

    My cousin has asked me (since she knows I'm the cat person) to help her with her cat, but I am at a loss on this one cause everything I know about cat's goes AGAINST this cats behavior...

    ANYWAY, my cousin has a 3 1/2 year old un-altered male ginger and white cat named Cobby (well, his name is Cobblestone [​IMG], so we just call him Cob, Cobby, Cobcorn, ect.)

    maybe as an insight, she got Cobby as a tiny 5 week old kitten about 2 weeks after losing her very first pregnancy, and she has lavished love on that cat ever since, in a word, he's spoiled.

    But now she has two sons, Colton who will be two in Feb. and Aiden who will be 4 months old tomorrow.

    Cobby seems to love the kids, and that is beginning to be the problem, because she don't know if it's "love" or jelousy on his part.

    When Colton was born, Cobby was first seem to be kind of "obsessive", he was always RIGHT there when changing his diaper, or feeding him, when Colton would wake up and cry, Cobby always beat my cousin to the crib.

    But that was it, he was just "in the way" all the time

    The Biggest problems started when Aiden was born, Cobby's behavior was pretty much the same as when Colton was born for a few weeks, then he started getting kinda wierd.

    My cousin noticed that the cat didn't like when her husband would hold the baby, Cobby would stiffen and start growling, this went on for a few days then it esculated, going from growling to what it is today.

    now Cobby is absolutely crazy, he doesn't like ANYONE being around Aiden except for my cousin, he goes nuts when her husband, or anyone else holds Aiden, or trys to do anything, he growls, hisses, spits, tail wagging, fur along the spine rose up ect.

    when my cousin has company the first thing Cobby does is park himself near the baby and growl.

    he has tried to pick the baby up by his shirt and "move" him, which my cousin ofcourse afraid Aiden will get hurt, but ofcourse the cat's not strong enough to pull the baby around, but he tries.

    and the other day while I was there, Cobby even attacked my cousins friends boyfriend, leaving some very nasty scratches on his chest.

    My cousin's husband is making her finally get Cobby neutered, that's his christmas present [​IMG], getting his man hood chopped off.

    Cobby has grown "ok" with me, because I always give him scritches and pet's before I do anything else when I go over there.

    recently when my cousin has company, she puts Cobby outside, but he will sit there and scratch and the door and meow for over an hour sometimes.

    like I said, this goes beyond everything I've ever known with cats, nost cats I've known have been like "GREAT, another one of THOSE in the house"

    My cousin doesn't want to get rid of Cobby, but she says it's starting to look like a very real possibility if neutering doesn't work.
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    Getting him neutered is going to help. The cat has fallen in love with the children and is being protective of them. When I was born my mother had a toy poodle and a Siamese cat, and they both acted that way around me. The dog would lie next to me so I wouldn't roll off the couch and the cat used to just stand there and stare at me. They would both get agitated if anyone else held me.

    When I had my son, both my cats packed up their litter box and moved in with my grandmother two doors down.
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    I think the cat may be jealous of the little additions. Perhaps have a stash of the cat's favorite treats, (liver, tuna?) and give him some anytime someone tends the baby. Then maybe he would associate the baby with good things. Best of luck.
  4. ChickenfootDuckbutt

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    She'd have to find something for him to eat in that case lol, he's the ONLY cat I know of who REFUSES to eat canned food or any kind of cat treats [​IMG]

    he's not so bad with the oldest one, Colton any more, Cobby pretty much stopped ating agressively around him when he started walking.

    Is is possible for cats to be obsessive compulsive?.
  5. georgeandmildredgoose

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    Jul 12, 2011
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    he sounds like quite a messed up kitty! neutering, yes do that for sure. can your cousin afford to have a behavourist around, she could get a recommendation from the vet maybe? im sure a behaviourist could assess cob and come up with a training plan for him. he does sound quite confused as to his role in the household, bless him.
    hope i works out.
  6. mom'sfolly

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    I think getting neutered and possibly kitty prozac might be in order. I think the cat sees the baby as his charge, and he is a little OCD. Seriously, he wouldn't be the first cat I know that is on prozac.
  7. la dee da

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    Quote:My cat doesn't eat "treats" (chicken, tuna etc)very fast at all, but she will lick yogurt off my finger with haste. If the cat likes yogurt or cottage cheese that may work as a treat.
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    To me, when my kitty growls, it means "This is mine. Don't try it."

    Maybe neutering will help with the possessiveness?
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    I think neutering is the best thing. Should have been done a long long time ago How does your cousin stand the smell??? Anyway, if that doesn't cure him, he needs some behavior modification therapy!
  10. ChickenfootDuckbutt

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    If by smell you mean spray?, he actually doesn't spray in the house. that's why she HADN'T gotten him nuetered yet.

    Like I said, he's her baby. whatcha gonna do? [​IMG]

    his neutered appointment is december 13th, and they've been talking to some vets about kitty prozac, but the vet doesn't want to put him on meds unless he REALLY needs it

    here's a picture of the little...dear, who gave me a rather nasty scratch on my back today ^^......-_-


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