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Apr 27, 2011
OK, I need some advice. Im two weeks into my first ever chicken adventure and I feel bad because I built my coop on a VERY TIGHT budget. I have a small (3.5'X4') coop and I used a cheaper plywood to build it. We have had ALOT of rain in Louisville, KY over the past two weeks and last night I couldnt close the coop windows up because the plywood was so swollen with water they wouldnt shut all the way. The large clean out door is weak and doesnt colse properly so the bottom is tightly shut but the top of it leans inward into the coop. Im trying to decide whether to try and reinforce the doors, replace the window coverings, or just replace the walls with a better quality wood. Any advice, what do you use foryour structure. I feel terrible, I dont want the chickens to not have a good home.
Sounds to me like you used a particle board of sorts and not real plywood. Particle board will soak up the moisture and decompose. Especially if not painted or sealed (same with plywood but it will last a lot longer). The solution? If the wood is not too far gone and it dries out ok you could paint or seal it inside and out, edges too.
That would be my suggestion too. If they are simply too far gone, I'd replace as much as I could, as I could. As long as they are safe and well protected, take your time choosing the material you are replacing it with. Do what you can as you can do it.
Thanks for the help. It is a particle board. And I just bought some paint and sealer. As soon as it dries out I'll cover it and replace what I can when I can. Thanks again

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