Advice for my wild turkey please

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by lovemychix, Jun 18, 2010.

  1. lovemychix

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    Oct 14, 2008
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    A young girl brought me what she thought was a "chick" that she said she found on a gravel road. Turns out it's a turkey. I have only raised chickens. It's all alone and I have it under a heat lamp in my garage. I've had it 2 days and it's doing well. I have it on Manna pro game starter. It's eating and drinking. I don't know how long she had it before she brought it to me but it's barely even feathered so I'd say it's less than a week. I couldn't get it under heat for a half day and because I was working. It's running around and chirping like crazy now. It's one eye keeps crusting over. I have been giving it an antibiotic. I keep washing the eye with a wet papertowel to unstick it. The other eye this morning looks a little crusty now. My neighbor said not to hold it because of the oils on our skin. It's hard not too because it's all alone and it loves me holding it. It falls asleep instantly when I cuddle it. Is that true that you aren't suppose to hold baby wild turkeys? Any advice to keep this little sweetie alive I would appreciate. Thanks.
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    In most states according to law you are not supposed to hold a baby wild turkey or even have it but that has nothing to do with oil on your hands. [​IMG] If the little one feels safe and secure when you hold it then hold it. It sounds to me like this poult being found in a road is probably sick/weak which would explain why it was left alone by it's mother. Nature has it's own way of weeding out the inferior. Hopefully you will be able to restore this one to health but it is going to bond to you and will never return to the wild but you will have a cool looking pet. Wild Turkeys are beautiful when they mature.
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    Oct 14, 2008
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    The girl said the mom was dead and this was the only one left. She said it was a chicken. I can't believe she would mistake a turkey for a chicken but I know this family and they aren't the smartest group. [​IMG] So you think me giving it the antibiotic is ok. I think it got chilled when I couldn't get it under heat and who knows how long she had it. [​IMG] I am so excited. I have 50 + chickens but can't wait to raise this turkey. [​IMG]
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    FYI...if you'll look about 10-15 lines below your thread title on the turkey page you will see one of mine titled "wild turkeys hatched!". If you open it you'll see photos of 6 wild turkey chicks that I just hatched after their nest and mom was destroyed....this should help you know for certain if you have a true wild turkey (these are Eastern Wild Turkeys, btw). Good luck! I'm probably too new to all this to be much more help than that, but mine have been alive and well for 4-5 days now and are doing great so if I can help let me know.
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    I had a sick Guinea fowl and duckling (different illnesses) and gave them some VetRx. They got better within a day or two. This stuff is amazing!!!
    BTW, we had a wild turkey hen who had a nest on our property and when my husband was clearing (for fire season) he came across it. I took five eggs just in case... They all hatched, but we did end up loosing one. I am sooooo excited!!! They are 6 weeks old and the males are already strutting (too cute). Good luck with yours! =]
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    If you take the poult to a wildlife rehabber, they're pros at this. They'll help the wild turkey get better and it may even be able to be released into the wild when it gets old enough. Good luck!

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