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    I got my first flock this past July and the girls are doing GREAT! We have 6 cold-hearty girls. I have a fairly small coop which I think helps keep them warm. I've resisted any heating for the coop because everything I read says don't do it! I've also read that you should't just wrap the coop up because it stifles ventilation. I have some wind tarps around the run that keep the wind from directly blowing on the coop, but that's it. I try to add vaseline to their combs frequently but haven't done anything to their feet. So far, so good, but we are about to have a big temperature drop this week and was wondering if I should do anything differently. This weekend we are going from highs in the mid 30s to highs in the single digits. (We are in NY). Any thoughts?
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    Nahhh...not so much.
    They need space to move around and get away from one another when cooped up during nasty weather......
    .......and.....with adequate ventilation no coop should 'hold heat' anyway.

    ETA: smaller coops are actual harder to ventilate and avoid drafts on roost area.
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