advice for proper dead bird disposal


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Aug 26, 2014
So sadly I'm nearly 100% sure that somehow my little flock contracted newcastles disease. I've had 4 birds die in two weeks. I'm devastated. I have 16 left but am sure that most if not all may die. Any way I need to know the proper disposal method of these poor things. Any suggestions? Also, am I required to report my suspicions to the department of agriculture? I'm located in california if that helps. Also should my family not eat the eggs of the birds that are not displaying symptoms?


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May 15, 2011
Largo, Florida
I don't know anything about Newcastle's but I do know that in the state of California, they will do a necropsy on your birds for you. Newcastle's is a reportable illness! Castportpony (Kathy) has some info on her page about how to send a bird in, etc. If you type Newcastle's disease into the search line, you may find some help. So sorry about the loss of your birds and good luck on finding a solution.
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