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Advice for serious neck injury please!!

Discussion in 'Emergencies / Diseases / Injuries and Cures' started by samovar, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. samovar

    samovar Hatching

    Aug 28, 2010
    Hi, Ive just found this site and seems like a really good place to get information, Sorry to go on but please help if you can.

    My girlfriend is a big animal lover and until meeting her I was only a dog person but she owns so many different animals
    and they've all become like an extended family for me. She had two chickens I really wouldn't know the breed and she cant
    remember either. One died and since then the other has stopped laying, she went the vets who tried a number of things
    without any success so we went looking for another chicken so that she had some company again. We found a gorgeous
    little'n who is a Welsummer breed and called Veto ( long story [​IMG] )

    Anyway her original chicken 'Lilith' is quite a strong character and alot older than Veto and Lilith didn't take kindly to this
    new chicken coming into her home and would keep taking little snipes at Veto and got her quite scared. We kept an eye
    on them and after about 24-48 hours this quickly died off and they seemed to settle with each other.

    However today we had very strong winds and it blew out the door, Lilith knew to stay where she was but Veto got out but
    when we caught her she has a horrific injury to the back of her neck its right through her flesh. I dont know if Lilth did this
    or something else or if she just injured herself on something. We tried to rush her to a vet but we've had no luck getting hold
    of one due it being a bank holiday weekend. We took her back home and got out the old smaller coop laid down some hay and
    my girlfriend gave her some bread softened in water and a bowl of water. We gave her a few hours to rest and when we
    returned she had eaten all the bread and drank all the water it was clear Lilith had been guarding her food while we weren't

    When she got out Veto was still walking round pecking her neck at the ground, and when I got hold of her she was stretching
    it out as normal so it doesn't seem to of done any disabling damage but it is really deep its a good 30% through the back of her
    neck. We're going to try and get a vet as soon as possible but she does seem quite happy now she has her own home and is
    resting. Basically I just need your help on what to do until I can get her some help.

    What is the best for keeping it clean?
    What things should I do in the immediate time?
    What sort of foods are going to help her recuperate?
    Are there any signs I should look out for to indicate its getting worse?

    Again sorry I went on so long but I don't want to lose her I hate the thought that bringing her into our home has just frightened and hurt her.
    I know a pic will help you but I haven't got one at the moment when daylight is back I'll try and take some


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