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My beautiful big fluffy RR hen "Goldie" went broody 3 days ago...she is in the nest box sitting tight. I have a beautiful rooster that mates with her regularly so I am sure the eggs are fertile.

My other hen hasn't laid any eggs since Goldy went broody (at least she hasn't laid her egg in the adjoining nest next to Goldie. I recently incorporated 5, four month old pullets with the flock....2 days ago all the young hens have decided to squeeze into the adjoining nest next to Goldie at night...too funny!!!!

So my dilema....

This is my first time with a broody hen...does she get up to eat or drink? (sorry if this is a silly question)...I am just not sure what to do...

Should I block off the nesting box to keep the youngins' out and then put in a couple of new nesting boxes in hopes to get my other laying hen to lay again?

Not sure what to do....The broody hen is in a box that is hanging off the side of a coop that is up off the ground....I can easily block it...but does the broody hen need to come in and out (I never see her moving from her nest)....or do I put food and water in her nest box?

Sorry for all the questions....I have been skimming through all of the conversations...but cant quite find all the pieces I need...

Thanks for helping me out!

Rainier, Oregon
Hi Diane,

She will leave the nest once or twice a day and eat and drink and stretch her legs. As the eggs get closer to hatching she'll stay pretty close to the nest and will not stay away from it very long at all. Do not block it. I would add a couple of additional nesting boxes for the other hens. If your hens free range it is possible your second hen has found a nice peaceful place to lay her eggs. I'm not surprised that your younger girls all crowd in together - they'll grow out of it sooner or later - they are still acting like baby chickens.

Good Luck with Goldie - I hope you have hatching success. You must keep us posted.

BTW - welcome to BYC.


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