advice needed for weak, lethargic rooster....worms? respiratory?

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    Hi all,

    Let me start by first saying what a great forum this is. I have usually been able to find the information I need through the search function, but I'm a little stumped with one of my roosters. He's a 2 year old Buff Orpington, and he hasn't been himself the past couple days. Last night, when i went to collect eggs he was sitting down on the floor instead of on the roost like usual. He does not have any discharge or obvious rattling when he breaths, but he does sound somewhat congested. We've had problems with respiratory issues in the flock before but the symptoms have been much more prominent, sneezing, wheezing, etc.. To be safe, I went ahead and gave him 1/2cc of tylan injectable. While doing this, I noticed that he definitely has lost weight, but I guess I couldn't tell cause of all his feathers.

    This morning he was pretty much the same which I expected, but his comb is drooping and turning a little grayish on the tip. I brought him in and gave him some vitamin drops. He did have a bout with some respiratory crud a few months back but his symptoms were different so I began researching some other things. We have noticed him gaping from time to time so i looked into gapeworms and worms in general. The whole flock was wormed with eprinex probably about 6 months ago. I really can't remember exactly, but that was the first time we've ever wormed them. I also can't remember if we got the wormer directly on the skin so I'm questioning how effective it even was. I had some fenbendazole (sp?) on hand so I gave him that. I was also able to get him to eat a mixture of things this afternoon, scrambled eggs, applesause, bread, etc. He drank quite a bit of water and seemed to perk up a little after all that. His poo is very watery and whitish green. Tonight I mixed up some yogurt, oatmeal, and applesause but he really wasn't interested but he did eat and drink a little.

    Ok after all that, I guess my major question is should i continue giving him antibiotics or will that just tax his system since I just wormed him too? Any thoughts or advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks so much - Hannah

    Oh, I should also mention that I feed the flock purina layer pellets, and they get a mixture of scatch and black oil sunflower seeds as well as veggie and fruit treats. They are in a large fenced in area with plenty of grass to roam around in. There is part of their area under a tree that is dirt that is their hang out spot. I usually throw their scratch out there, but I will change that after reading some posts today. I'll throw it in the grass from now on since it's a less poo prone area. I'm also going to worm the whole flock with the method that threehorses suggested with the wazine first and then a stronger wormer in a couple weeks.
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    How is your boy doing? Wish I had answers for you but will give you a bump.

    Have you checked him out for mites/lice?
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    Grayish blue on the comb usually means they are not getting enough oxygen to their tissues more commonly from anemia or severe respiratory disease (although there are other reasons). You need to see what is causing that so I second the check on mites and lice as that's most common reason. How are your other birds? Can you check them for weight loss and minor respiratory issues? Best time to check for respiratory sounds is at night while they sleep--just listen carefully to them. If possible take him to an avian vet to see if the respiratory disease is the culprit again. You may have a problem with recurrence and it may become ongoing with the flock. [​IMG] Hopefully someone else has the answer and keep us posted!!

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