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Apr 22, 2009
Northern Indiana
I have a 26 week old white turkey (female) and for the past 2 days she has had snot build up on her nostrils. Not really dry, I can pick it off with my fingernails, but wet snot is stringing out from behind, but it's a clear snot. She doesn't seem to have any other symptoms, but advice on what to do would be greatly appreciated.

I have duramycin-10 on hand but have not given her anything as of yet. I would sincerely appreciate your input before giving meds. She does get ACV in her water daily. Sleeps indoors, doesn't seem to have watery eyes, no sneezing, free ranges during the day just fine...just has a snotty nose...
Couple of suggestions. First quarantine her if you have other poultry. Second don't treat indiscriminately. It is reflex to want to medicate but if you don't have symptoms of an infection that is likely to respond to a specific antibiotic you are more likely to do harm than good by treating. Give supportive care like healthy treats and vitamins. Until you have a reason to think it is something more serious treat it like a human cold. If she gets progressively sicker an antibiotic might be helpful but I will defer to more experienced BYCers as to which would most likely be beneficial.
I only treated my turkey hens cold when it got worse and it looked like she wasn't going to shake it herself. She was having a difficult time breathing, sneezing and head full of snot. Then she quit free ranging. Used Tylan 50- 8 ml per day for 5 days.
Your turkeys isn't at that point. Use vits if you want and wait to see if she clears it all on her own.
Can get vits at TSC.
Well I have been giving the vitamins and electrolytes (duravet) in the water and my big bird is much better. So I'll probably just continue this for the entire fall and winter seasons.

Thank you for the suggestions!

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