Advice needed on next year's Turkeys.

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Lelilamom, Nov 12, 2016.

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    This is our fifth year raising turkeys. We have a 4x4x6 shed attached to a 12x8x6 covered, enclosed run. Each year we get between 2 and 4 BBWs. They NEVER go into the shed. They roost, eat and sleep in the run. They free range during the day in a 190x190 fenced in wooded yard. They are raised strictly for Thanksgiving and we usually sell one or two.

    We want to change everything this coming spring. We want to build a new enclosure/run/yard. We want to raise a new breed(s). What are the key elements for an enclosure and run? What breeds should we look to that produce a good product? Remember, these are for food - we raise chickens for eggs and meat as well - we are a working farm and don't keep animals for pets. That being said we do put a great deal of thought into caring for our animals. We treat them with respect and kindness.

    Thanks for your input!
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    You are better off sticking with the fast growing broad breasted. Heritage varieties can take up to a year to reach a good size and they can be trouble trying to keep them in their pen as they can fly up pretty well. Many of mine choose to roost outside instead of using the shed. Turkeys aren't bothered by the weather like chickens can be.

    It sounds like you have a system that works well for you, I would stick with it.
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    Heritage varieties are best, they won't be as big as a BBW but they will taste better, and they will also forage a lot.

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