ADVICE NEEDED PLEASInjured GLWs continue to lay???

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    Our flock was cut in half yesterday morning by a neighbor's dog. Of the surviving birds, 2 were in the hen house laying - not a feather out of place. The BR hen managed to escape to the house and is limping but has no palpable breaks or lacerations/punctures. 2 GLWs were found hiding - made themselves as flat as they could in a shrubby thicket up next to a huge dead log. The dog tore their tails out completely, bit a chunk out of one's tail, and pretty badly tore up the other hen...she's got lacerations and punctures...Worst Case Hen. Both of these hens slept in nesting boxes last night and Worst Case Hen produced an egg at some point. The other GLW laid an egg this morning.

    I just assumed the ladies would not lay given their this just a fluke?? I'm worried that the laying will just be an extra expenditure on their little bodies (not that I can stop them from laying). It's about 46 degrees here at night and 70ish daytime. Been damp and rainy. Do I need to ad heating pads or lights for these girls? They aren't into beingg handled and I'm afraid changing their environment too much (i.e. bringing them in our house) will really stress them out.

    So what's with the eggs and do I need to add extra supplements if they're going to just lay anyway.....

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    I don't have any advice, I'm just sorry your birds were injured. We all put a lot of time and effort into our flocks and it's hard to see them hurt. [​IMG]
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    I suppose if they have already got an egg in the plumbing they still have to pass it. Maybe there will be a break in the laying as the injuries heal, however.
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    Hi [​IMG]

    Sorry your birds got hurt!!! That is horrid!!![​IMG]

    This sort of thing makes me hopping mad!!! [​IMG]

    If it were me, I would be talking to my vet at the very least! I would also double the vet's bill and present it to the owner of the dog for payment!!!! His dog has no business anywhere near your chickens and it is up to him to keep it under controll!!!

    Hope they recover alright!!![​IMG]
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    At the very least, you need to clean their wounds. YOu really should separate them as well; any bloody areas will be picked on by other chickens...they'll do this to the death once they begin, so it's important to separate them out before it begins. If you have a dog cage/crate, that makes an excellent way of separating them. Also, if you leave them in a darkened area 24/7 while they're healing, they'll stop laying. It doens't have to be dead black, just darkened (such as a barn area or your basement). Best of luck, and so sorry to hear about the dog.
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    Thanks so much for the info. I've cleaned and flushed and packed with triple antibiotic...antibiotics by mouth, just mainly doing supportive care. They are in a darkened area. Worst Case Hen is doing better this evening and is talking to me. Just hope we continue to improve....

    Thanks again for the kind words, support, and advice!

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