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    Hi, I have two broad breast whites one tom and one hen I've had Trevor the tom for 5 years now and I'm starting to worry a little. For the past few months he's been really struggling on his legs I try to keep his food down so he doesn't get to heavy but he's well over 50lb he's got swollen joints I've had the vet out to him this morning to give him a course of anti biotic and anti inflammatory. I really do love my two turkeys and I know they are both your typical fattening breads but that's never been my aim I just want him to have a long happy comfortable life and at 6 years old he's doing well. Has any one else got bbw that are older and suffering with the same problems? Trudy who is 4 is the hen and she's half the size and runs around doesn't spend a lot of the day sitting they are both incredibly tame and enjoy plenty of attention. Any help or advice you can give me for keeping him comfortable would be great.

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    [​IMG] The fact that he has reached 6 years of age with minimal problems is a testament to the quality of care that you have provided. Continue to limit his feed, keep him warm and dry in the winter, and cool in the summer, and hopefully he still has some quality time left. I have friends who had a BBW tom who lived to be 7 years old. In the summer they set up a portable air conditioner in their garage and he would sit and strut in front of it most of the day. Good luck in keeping him comfortable.
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