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Feb 16, 2008
Halifax Co Virginia
Please know that I love my dogs. I have had dogs my entire life and never have I encountered a problem like the one I now face. Please, don't flame me. I am merely trying to figure out what to do.

I have a boxer, Belle, who I love dearly. Unfortunately, she is not the nicest dog when it comes to strangers or innocent people who make the mistake of walking past our house. The UPS man refuses to stop here. I don't know how the propane man fills our tank. I take full responsibility for her problems. Shortly after buying her, we learned that our older Boxer had cancer. We devoted so much time and energy to Bo that we neglected Belle. So she grew up very wild.

She is now out of control. She growls at my daughter. I've done my best to isolate my daughter from her. She also barks at any one or anything else that comes near her. This afternoon, she cornered our next door neighbor who just happened to walk in front of our house.

We moved into the country so that our animals would not have to be penned or chained. Now I am facing having to chain this dog. I will either have to chain her or rehome her. Obedience training is out of the question. She could not handle a class of people and dogs, which is affordable, and we can not afford private obedience training. I am so afraid that she is going to hurt some one.

Do I give her away?
Do I chain her?

I just have never had a dog that I could not train or handle. I don't know what to do. Any one with advice, please post it. Please do not flame me. I know I messed this dog up and I am living with the guilt every day. I don't need any more.


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Apr 21, 2008
North Central Florida
These things happen, now beginning a obedience class would be the first thing. One thing is to get her tired, that is the first of behavior problems, especially boxers, they are high energy and sounds like she would do great once she is pooped out.
It is a major issue if delivery, neighbors, etc get bit or terrorised. You do not need a law suit on your hands, this is going to happen if you do not take the time out to prove you are the higher Archy.
You need to make her tired, they listen very well when tired.
Good luck and begin with obedience and exhaustion! There are never bad dogs, just dogs that are only as smart as their people.


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Sep 14, 2008
Unless you give her to someone who knows how to rehab problem dogs, you are only passing the burden/liability onto another person. Consider how you might feel if after giving away the dog, you learn she mauled a child.

As for chaining, is that really any life for a dog or any other animal for that matter? Many times chaining only makes a bad situation worse by enhacing the negative behaviors the dog already possesses.

Years of experience working with dogs has taught me that with the right knowledge and tools, 99% of "problem" dogs can be rehabilitated. Unfortunately, most persons who routinely obedience train dogs are not familiar with or capable of handling the problems you describe.

The best chance for your dog is to try to locate a rehab specialist. Yes, it will cost money but it may be possible to work out a payment arrangement. Check with your local vets office, humane society, pet stores, etc. If that doesn't turn up anyone, check online with rescue groups.

If all the above fails or is not possible, you may very seriously have to consider euthanizing the dog.


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May 27, 2007
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Obedience training is the best start for her. Get her comfortable in a muzzle and take her to a class. She needs socialization, training and lots of EXERCISE, like hours a day!
Giving her to someone else is just going to make you liable for her actions.
Chaining just increases frustration/aggression, it will make her worse.


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Jul 7, 2007
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If you cannot retrain the dog, try contacting a local boxer rescue program. They should have the knowledge and skill necessary to work with her. It's worth a shot before euthanizing her. Just make sure they are aware of her behavioural issues and that they have someone trained to work with her.
Good luck. Both of mine are boxer mixes. They are sweet, but hardheaded dogs.

buckeye lady

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Sep 29, 2008
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Contact your local Rescue groups. They have access to experienced trainers. Check and use their search engine to locate shelters by location, you will get a list of them close to you. They will either help you or refer you to someone that can. When was the dogs last visit to the Vet for a check up? You need to have any medical issues ruled out. A dog in pain is much more likely to be agressive. Do not chain or isolate her, the issue will get worse. Consider purchasing a muzzle to use until you have gained full control of her. She is not re-home-able with this current behavior, It must either be corrected or she'll have to be put down. (sorry to be so blunt) Good Luck.


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Mar 20, 2008
Sadly, she sounds like an accident waiting to happen. She shouldn't be around your child if she is growling at her. And she shouldn't be loose until you can get control over the situation.
First a good physical at the vets to rule out any physical problems. Be honest with the vet about her behavior.
If she is growling and possibly biting she might need some professional training. It could be that she thinks she is alpha and needs a reality check through training from someone that understands dog behaviors. An obedience class could help, but you need an instructor that is aware of her behavior and is willing to do some one on one work with you. Let them know ahead of time why you are bringing her in for classes. They may want to meet with you and her ahead of time.
If you aren't able to do that then call a boxer rescue and be very honest about her behavior.
If you can't train her yourself or get her trained or place her with a knowledgeable dog behavior person or group you may have to consider having her put down. It just isn't worth the risk of your child getting bit.
The vet check would be where you should start.
Good Luck, don't blame yourself. It might be something you had no control over.

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