advice on broken turkey wing?

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  1. so, i was moving the turkeys from their tractor into their new pen and i broke one of their wings. [​IMG] i grabbed her and she threw her wing out and it just snapped! it was pretty loud and made me nauseous. i knew instantly what it was.

    naturally, it was the hen from the pair of Bourbon Reds i was planning to keep and breed. the break is in the humerus (bone 21 in the schematic below) pretty close to the body. it's a transverse fracture quite close to the body. i tried to splint it, but the bones just won't align OR stay in place, no matter what i try to use to splint it.


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    Aug 6, 2010
    If you can't afford a vet, I would amputate it, but I'd have the vet do it.
  3. i could afford a vet, but i have a hard time justifying spending that kind of money on what is, ultimately, a meat turkey. i was going to keep her for breeding simply because she was the other Bourbon Red and i love my little BR jake.

    i've got a call into the local avian vet (who's a family friend) for her advice. i really just don't want the little girl to suffer.

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