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    I have a Buff Orpington that went broody (without eggs under her.) My friend gave me a dozen fertilized eggs and we successfully put them under her. One of them hatched this afternoon. Since she was in a raised hutch, I moved her and the chick and remaining eggs tonight to a floor hutch. They all settled in well.

    My question, what do I do for the chicks? I've set up a chick safe waterer and feeder with chick starter next to the hen. Should I try to get the chick to eat/drink? Or let mom do this? I am worried she is so broody she won't let him out to eat. At what point should I intervene and help him out? I am hoping a couple more of the eggs hatch. Any advice would be great.
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    Let her feed them, chicks can go up to 3 days without food or water, she will show them where to eat and drink once the last chick has hatched. but just keep an eye out in case she doesn't after 3 days.

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    Yup, just leave her alone. Feed both her and her babies a chick starter or starter/grower or flock raiser. She doesn't need layer for a while as she won't lay while she raises the babies. You can feed something like a grower or flock raiser to the whole flock all the time (which is what I do) and just offer oyster shell on the side. The chicks will check it out then ignore it, the roosters don't need extra calcium either, and the hens will take what they need.

    Usually she will set on the eggs for around 24 hours after the first chick hatches, then abandon any unhatched eggs to teach the chicks to eat and drink.

    A great article on broodies:

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