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    Feb 12, 2014
    We recently received two silke/bantams from a friend of ours. Pretty soon they went broody and we allowed them to sit on eggs, which were fertilised by our rooster (however these eggs are not silke/bantam eggs there hiline eggs)

    At first, one of the hens (Eugene) sat for two weeks on eggs, but she eventually became disinterested in the eggs. About another 2 weeks later, our other hen (Beatrice) became broody and sat on the eggs laid by the other girls in the flock that day. We let her collect 9 eggs before we marked her eggs with crosses and took away any new eggs she collected (she would steal four eggs from the other nests everyday!)

    Today we went to take the eggs away and she had a little baby chick with her! We're thrilled but a bit worried about how to care for our new baby. The nest is currently on the floor (but in a box with high walls) this is inside in a shed locked up every night (the rest of the flock also sleep here but away from the nest) We have never had a chook taken by foxes or such the whole time we've had our flocks so we have no worries there.

    First of all, we aren't too sure what to feed the babies, and what the feed should be in. We are also not sure about whether we should move the babies and mum to a more secure area (we have a set up 'chick' area but Eugene is currently sitting in there on her clutch) Our chooks are fully free range, so they are never in the nesting area much anyway (except to lay in the morning) They have never bothered out hen before. Should we still move her and her babies? The mums are definitely the lowest in the pecking chain, and I'm worried they might try to steal mums best? But our other hens (all Hiline Browns) have never showed interest in mothering.

    I need to stop rambling >.< Just a bit nervous about caring for the little babies. Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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    Nov 4, 2013
    Have you ever heard the expression MOTHER KNOWS BEST. The hen will protect her chick no need to intervene unless you see a problem. As far as feed a good medicated feed is recommended by most.

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