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    Hi everyone! I'm starting a project today and wanted your advice.

    I have 8 full size girls, live in Arizona so most of the time my girls are free range. I have had hawk and coyote issues so I'm building a run for my coop. But here's my question, I'm torn between building a whole new coop and run or just the run.

    The coop right now is 6ft long by 4.5 ft deep and 5 ft has 4 nesting boxes, which they all lay in only 1 [​IMG]. Should I just keep this existing coop and build my run for the additional space they need? I'm planning on a 8ft long by 8ft wide and 5ft tall for the run, half covered and half wired on the top.

    Or should I just go with both new coop and run? They still will get lots of free range time, but they still need the room otherwise. Any and all advice will be most helpful!
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    I'd say it depends on their behavior. The problem that you might have with a small coop but decent-sized run is bickering over roost space, which can lead to some of your hens choosing odd places (like the nest boxes) to sleep. Have you had any issues with that? If not, then I wouldn't worry too much about getting a different coop. Just keep in mind that if you ever removed a couple of the older hens and replaced them with newbies, you'll likely have the problem that I mentioned, even though it's the same number of hens.

    I say just make the run a nice size for them. But that's just my opinion.
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    ok standard math is 4 sq. ft. in the coop and 10 sq. ft. in the run per adult large fowl. So you have 3 sq. ft. per bird in the coop allowing that extra 3 sq. ft. for the feed and water. As you are in AZ, I suspect they don't get cooped for weeks at a time like happens in colder climes. So 3 sq. ft. per bird should do just fine.
    In that proposed yard you have 64 sq. ft. You need an additional 16 sq./ ft. just lengthen it by 2 more ft. Maybe use 4 of the 5 ft. panels. Easer to handle and move around. I use modular panel system when I make my yards. Easy to repair (except when sashed by an 80 ft. pine tree like mine was last month,sigh). Just make the panels and carriage bolt them together. Oh, and increase the height to 6 ft., if you can. Nothing worse than having to crouch over when tending the birds. ( unless you are crawling on hands and knees in the wet dirt floor of a smashed run trying to catch chickens. Lol, yeah I got them and they live with Farmer Karl now. I do miss them.
    oh and do put a chicken wire roof n that run. Cover half with a tarp of shade. I cover my runs completely. Really helps keep it dry when it rains. I had a neighbor who was getting rid of her plastic fiberglass above ground pool. I got it and cut the pool sides to length and covered the run with them. Made great run roofing and pretty to look at. I overlapped the panels where they met.
    Usually you can find them for free on craigslist. They are studier than tarps, prettier to look at, and don't tear in the wind.
    BYCer Hellbender from WV uses used billboard canvas to cover his runs. Ask him where he gets them. I forget he website. But the pool siding can usually be found for free.
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