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Aug 25, 2011
San Juan Islands, WA
I'd like my hens to hatch and raise their chicks on their own but I'm not sure how that works. My young chickens are laying eggs but they're not staying on the eggs. They seem to lay them and then leave. I've read a lot about broody hens but none of mine want to stay with the eggs. I have 26 hens and 2 wonderful roosters. They live in a spacious room inside our barn with an attached room that I set up just for egg laying. They all arrived together and are now 5 months old. I'd love to have more but just not sure about my hens' actions right now. Thank you for any advice.


9 Years
Apr 11, 2011
A nice sized clutch of eggs will help your hens on the path to becoming broody. I usually leave 5 or 6 eggies in one of the nestboxes and someone will usually adopt spring. Ive never had a hen go broody in winter, though its certainly not unheard of. Good luck...

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