Advice on one injured chick, and symptoms.

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    Oct 9, 2009
    Today, sadly, we found out that one of our 9 week old chickens, is in fact a rooster. As it is illegal to keep roosters were we live, we had to return it to the farm from which we bought it at a few days old.

    In return for this, the owners offered to give us two chickens, of the same age, to introduce. I chose one chicken, as it was injured & I wanted to give it the best possible home/treatment (I'm a sucker for the underdogs!). It had been attacked by another chicken, and had an open wound on its neck. At the farm, they treated it regularly and when we asked what to continue with, they said that treatment was no longer necessary. I am apprehensive however, and was wondering if anybody had any suggestions to taking care of the wound? I have it seperated by chicken wire from the other 6 chickens, to keep it away from bullying, and to get them used to one another. When I gave it food & water, it seemed as it had previously had a hard time competing with other chooks for food.

    The other chicken however, has a pink/red tinge under & around its eyes & beak. At first, we thought it may be a little bit of sunburn - But I'd really like to be sure, as the place where it was kept was not particularly clean or safe. If necessary, I can head to the pen & take some pictures - If it would make it easier!

    Both of these chickens are New Hampshire/White Leghorn cross I believe, but I could be mistaken!

    Thanks in advance!! [​IMG]
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