Advice on proper care fo these birds I now have

Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by izigg, Feb 1, 2017.

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    I have a free range 6yr male India blue ,a harem of 4 ready to mate in a couple weeks for the first time, I have kept them separated mostly between chicken wire, the girls are in a pen fenced into the inside of garage for the winter now and the male is basically chillen free range on a loft the other side w a perch and plenty of hay. They share a heated water bucket in the winter and I feed them,,a Sportsmix 33% dog food pellet they love along with corn. sun flower seeds and a bundle of collard greens daily. Occasionally I give them Cheetoes which the male also loves and some hot dog bunns or bread. These birds will be getting ready to mate soon so if anyone has advice on lower protein food and why or others about best to do and easiest to do for mating..some say incubate but expect a lot of work, others say let em nest is best but if so then do I build nesting boxes or something else..I am open for suggestions
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    Jun 23, 2015
    I don't personally raise peafowl, but working with chickens I know it is best to create nest boxes for them to nest in. During bad weather or times of stress, incubating is best since parents may abandon the nest or let the eggs freeze. During the summer, in a small flock, letting the mother incubate is generally okay (with chickens).
    For the healthiest chicks, make sure that your birds get plenty of the proper fats, vitamins and minerals so that the chick can form in the egg to be strong and healthy upon hatching.

    Good luck!! : )
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    At the top of the 'Peafowl Forum" page you will see a button for 'Stickies' press that and you will find three topics of very helpful information on the care, housing, and feeding of peafowl. Check that out when you have time, many qualified people have submitted a wealth of information for you.
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    I would not feed them any kind of pellet or food that has less than 20% protein content as they need alot of it being gamebirds and not chickens.
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    Thank you, it seems my net connection is kind of poor so unable to open a lot of the links at certain times sorry if some of my questions are repeating of others
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    I'm pretty new to this, but I feed them gamebird as well as corn, sunflower seeds, and fresh fruit/veggies.
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    It is not opening links, it is the same as going to another page. There is a wealth of information there that is very useful.

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