Advice on raising a ducking! All is welcome :)


May 24, 2015
I have a little duckling, for the first few days I was feeding her without grit. Then I noticed swelling around her neck. I was informed she was having trouble digesting. Immediately, I went and purchased some grit. Often I would massage it she'd vomit a brown to darker brown liquid. Once she'd vomited on her own, just kind of pouring out of her mouth. It was more clear brown then. I was super worried. Since I've purchased the grit, its been about two days one night, I want to say I've noticed the swelling go down. I read somewhere this evening when they get the swelling to massage it. I happened upon one article talking about holding them upside down and gently rubbing it, that a black rancid liquid would be released. Unsure, I was curious if that would help. I love my little Knit and I hate the thought of losing her. So I tilted her at an upside down slight angle, but not so far it could drain down her nose, and for those few seconds I massaged her I was pleased to see some icky dark brown liquid release from her. Immediately I felt less pressure in her chest. I gave her a break and tried again more gently, no results. I haven't wanted to try again since the last few attempts were unsuccessful. I was wondering if there is anything else I could do for her? I'm afraid if I do nothing its an automatic death sentence so if anyone knows anything, please help!!!!!

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OKAY first post in detail at "Emergences, diseases, injuries, cures," thread. While waiting for a response. Please ALSO post at "Other Backyard Poultry" on the DUCK .thread.

While this is going ON please stay on line. So many people post a problem and then go off line - we have no way to reach them. Someone very well will also respond to you on this thread.

I hope someone can help you. I don't know if the way to handle this for ducks is the same as what's done for chickens. What was she eating before this occurred?

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