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    I have 9 turkeys. Of which, 1- 7.5mth old hen keeps escaping! I have a 4ft tall horse fence that holds 56 birds and only 1 keeps getting out! She only gets out when were not home and when we get home shes pacing the fence like she wants back in. But if were home she KNOWS not to get out. We have clipped her wing and shes still getting out. I dont want to sell her, but i dont want her showing the rest of the kids what they can do (they dont even try). Im about to put up a privacy fence but to surround 1/2 acre for 1 bird is a little steep. I dont mind her getting out as she doesn't hurt anything when shes out BUT our neighbors arent exactly responsible with the "stray" dogs (aka they feed but dont i know) but the dogs dont show up when were there only when were not. So its not like i can "solve the problem" i need advice before i sink a bunch of money into a privacy fence! Please!!!!!!
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    How did you clip her wing? Young turkey hens can be trouble to keep in, especially when under a year of age. If you clip all the primary few off of one wing it should keep her grounded. When young you need to repeat it often.

    Sometimes it's as simple as blocking the spot where she's getting over at. Usually they need something solid to get up on, so removing landing spots can help. Otherwise you could just butcher her and be done with it.

    Most of mine stay in after a year of age. We are currently running electric fencing wire across our top top keep ours in but only got about half way before quitting because stuff came up. Eventually my run will be covered again. We had it covered with bird netting but snow would bring it down every winter.

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