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Mar 1, 2011
I need some advice on breeds. I've researched and I have computer based suggestions on my wants and needs, but I've also found out some things not so nice about the breeds that were suggested.

I want good layers with large eggs both brown and white,
I live in Nebraska so they need to be able to bear some heat and cold.
No plans for a rooster at this time.
A easy going bird/ good layer not too broody

The suggestions I had were leghorns and Ancona. What are your opinions on leghorns? Are they worth the hassle of picking and being flighty. I want to have several breeds so I have some variety and I don't want drama with the chickens pecking, also I would like to introduce a rooster or two at some point but not right away. I'm really thinking a laid back calm chicken that likes kids and doesn't get too unhappy with dogs barking, which I do have, although the chickens would be enclosed.

Also what breed do suggest as a good pet I have two little girls that are going to want a friend....or fifty what do you suggest I was thinking silkies?

I have a few suggestions for you. For a nice large brown egg, you can't beat a golden buff. (It's a hybrid). Now, they're not real flashy, but I've had three and they lay a nice, large, richly colored brown egg nearly every day. Very nice bird too, docile.

If you don't really want a plain bird, I also like the Golden Laced Wyandottes, and the Barred Rocks. They're beautiful, docile, and pretty good layers, though not as good as the hybrid breeds. (Cinammon queens, red or black sx links, amber links.....they're all hybrids.)

One thing about the leghorns is, they have a pretty large comb, and that can get frostbitten if you have extremely cold winters. So you want to make sure you don't pick a chicken with a huge comb if you're getting super cold weather.

Silkies are wonderful pets for little girls. I would HIGHLY recommend them.

Those are just breeds I've owned, so just my humble opinion.

Good luck with your choices!
Thank you for your suggestions. I went with a pretty good mix of birds and I have ordered them. Buff Orpingtons will be one of the majorities, Golden Laced W, barred rock, easter eggers, red and black star, delaware, cukoo Maran, RIR and a couple of pearl leghorns. I went with a couple of the older breeds like the Dominique and the Araucana just because. The hatchery is probably going to hate me but I really mixed up my order with two of this one and four of this....I ordered about 30 in all so I will have a nice flock that should be beautiful too look at with a variety of birds. The only trouble is identifiying which is which, for a while. Thanks again!

Unfortunately the black australorpe is one that I didn't order, although I did like that breed from what I saw. I did see your post in time.
Right now I have RIR, BR, BA, NN, and BO mix. They are pretty gentle I have grandkids and they do fine with them. They have been laying great all winter. I just hatched about 6 weeks ago bantam cochins and they are the friendliest chickens I have ever seen. I have a BSL roo and a BR roo that I raised from 10 days old. They never mess with any humans. On the other hand I have a runner drake that will peck the back on your leg. We are working on attitude adjustment on him
I have some salmon faverolles coming they are suppose to be really gentle. With cold winters you want a breed that doesnt have hugh combs. My roos ended up with some minor frostbite this winter.

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