Advice please - boy or girly

Suzy Smith

7 Years
Nov 2, 2012
Hello There all you lovely chicken owners,
I'm Suzy and I am new on here and reasonably new to chickens.
I have a load of chickens I bought from a farmer when they were tiny and he 'donated' a load that I now suspect may be cockerals.
I am not overly worried as love them all to bits and find them a great source of interest and fun.But they all have girly names and I feel I ought to know what sex they are seeing as I own them! I have looked at so many photos of different chicken sexes on the internet I am now goggle eyed and more confused than ever!
Could anyone tell me if the chicken in my picture is a 'maran' and a boy or girl/?
I have four of these but two look like this one and they have huge feet and just started getting those fluffy tail feathers.
They are 3-4 months old ( from what I have worked out) don't crow, but make the same noises as the definite lady ones I have.
Thank you in advance for your advice.
Suzy from Lincolnshire.
Thank you for your valued opinion. Very grateful to you all for your time. From Suzy

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