advice please...broody hen and issues. I'm worried.

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    May 2, 2010

    I have four hens. No roo's. One hen got broody so I found some fertile eggs from a farm for her to sit on. We tried to relocate her to her own "private" box at night down below the other nesting boxes but she moved directly back to the one above, now empty. SO we just moved her eggs back under her.

    Problem is: I have one other hen who insists on using the same laying box as the broody hen. It seemed peaceful enough, but this morning I found two of the fertile eggs (which I had marked) out of the nesting box. They were cold, so I know they are goners. [​IMG]

    I can't re-locate the broody hen. She is not going to go for it. And there is nowhere else for my other hens to lay other than the nesting boxes in the coop (of which one is being used up by the broody.) I am not only concerned for the welfare of the fertile eggs now, but also the chicks, if we get that far. Another hen laying in the box after the chicks arrival will surely crush them.

    Please, some advice from those who have experience and can guide me through this. I am willing to incubate, but would rather have mama do it.
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    Couldn't you section her off? Thats what we did with our broody. Hopefully someone a little more knowledgeable than I could give better ideas [​IMG]
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    I had same problem and had even moved my great mom to area and put a chick that was not wanted by her mom under her. I thought she was going to accept her but came out and found chick cold on floor thought was dead picked her up and felt a tiny momvement ran into house and put a hand towel in microwave while my husband got heat lamp... I held her and stroked her under heat lamp for almost half an hr first leg moved than other then eyes opened... She /he is just doing great now [​IMG]

    I kept her in house overnight in a basket in bathtub with heat lamp used my finger in water like moms do and he/she drank ..

    Next day I took all of the straw from the nest and moved it to the new area worked great mom accepted her..

    My own feeling but I think the first time the great mom felt she was in someone elses territory and did not want to accept chick she has now just great !!

    I learned if need to do that again will move whole nest bedding..

    I also took the eggs from the not so good mom and put them under the good mom (Puffy) and she accepted them..

    the first one is now 4 days old and when I go into coop and she hears me comes out from mom to say hi LOL

    Gotta love it [​IMG]
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    May 2, 2010
    Momma Orp_ yes, I could section her off but other hens then won't have use of nesting boxes ....
    I just found her free ranging out in the yard with the others and put her back on her eggs. I have a feeling we may not make it til birth of chicks. I may take eggs and incubate...
    Still please would like direction from experienced folk. Thanks.
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