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    I have just emigrated to the area from the UK and have some pekins (bantam cochins i believe they are here) and welsummers that i wish to breed (i used to do this in england). Can someone please advise do i need to register with the USDA or do you have to have a certain number before doing so etc if you are going to hatch a few and sell the extras. In the UK now if you have over 26 birds you have to be registered with the Dept of Agricculture so should there be a bird flu outbreak etc they can track all birds etc All advice much appreciated Thanks Tracy
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    Sep 13, 2007
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    Hey Tracy-
    Well welcome to the U.S.! There are no registry requirements that I know of in the states. I only have 43 chickens now but I had 125 at one time a few years ago and never registred anything. We're blessed in that we haven't had an outbreak of Bird Flu here. If we ever do, the requirements will probably change.

    Hope this helps. Good luck with your chickies!

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