Advice please, Little Giant heater base......

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    Just bought a Little Giant heater base for my metal waterer.......but now I'm having fire concerns!
    My coop has many inches of 'dust-free' pine shavings on the floor.
    The actual "flooring" (below the shavings) is some sort of "pebbled", hard, white plastic composite material.
    I plan on completely sweeping away the shavings from the floor area where I'm going to put the heater base, but
    you know how chickens are.........scratch, scratch, scratch!
    ........they even "dust bathe" in the shavings sometimes!
    So imagine shavings will be flung around the floor of the coop this winter!
    Even if I were to build a wooden "frame" to enclose the base.......shavings will still be flung!!
    Am I overdoing it with the fire concern here?
    Any advice on using the heater base "safely"?
  2. gabby3535

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    BUMP, please
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    Nov 7, 2010
    Assuming the heater is one designed to keep water from freezing, you shouldn't have to worry about combustion of wood shavings. I might have a concern for the covering on yor floor. I would be inclined to put it on a patio block or something. If you're really concerned though, you could always plug it in and see how hot it gets. I'm betting not more than 80 deg.

    As for safety, the cord is your biggest risk potential. Your power should be GFI protected. Also, the plug should be protected from pecking, pulling, scratching, etc.

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